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League FAQ

  • 1.League
  • How do I Register for League?

    This link will provide you with step by step instruction to register for league. Registration Instruction

  • What are the dates of the league?

    We offer a league every season. Please visit our “Leagues Offered Page" –  for specific dates.

  • What age groups do you offer?

    We have boys 3rd – high school divisions and girls 4th – high school divisions.

  • Do you offer different division levels based on skill?

    Usually, we offer an A- advanced, B- intermediate and C-beginner level, depending on how many teams enter the league.

  • Can I submit schedule requests?

    We do allow schedule requests. For example, if a coach coaches more than one team or if teams share multiple players. We do not guarantee all requests. We make sure our coaches understand they are “requests’ and not guarantees.

  • Who is the home team?

    In bracket play, the top team listed will be the home team. In pool and round robin play, the team listed first will be the home team. In case of uniform conflicts, the home team will wear the lighter colored jersey.

  • How many fouls before my team is in bonus?

    When a team reaches 10 fouls then you are in double bonus, meaning you get 2 shots. We do not do “1 and 1” at seven fouls in the league.

  • How many time outs are allowed?

    Each team will be allowed 4 timeouts per game. One additional timeout will be allowed for each overtime period. Regulation timeouts do not carry over into overtime.

  • Does the clock stop?

    Yes. The clock stops on ALL free throws and the last two minutes of the game. When a team leads by 20 points or more anytime during the game, a running clock will be used.

  • Is my player eligible to play in the grade level below his current grade? Can my player play up?

    Yes, if your player meets the age requirement which is outlined in detail on our “Age and Grade Classification – Players can always play up.

  • Can my player play on multiple teams?

    Yes, BUT your player must meet the age/grade requirements and your player cannot play on more than one team in the same grade division.

    For example, your player can play on a team in the 6thA division and 7thA division (assuming that player meets the age requirements). Your player cannot play in the 6thA division and 6thB division as that is the same grade.

  • Why do I need to fill out the roster with names, numbers and grade/birthday?

    We use the rosters to verify that every player playing is eligible and is not playing on multiple teams. Rosters must be finalized and cannot be added to after your second game of the season. This ensures people aren't bringing in players late, who have not been participating throughout the season, especially during playoffs.

    The names and numbers are important as we pre-print every scoresheet and they have every players’ name and number on it.

  • Can I request to play games on only Saturdays or only Sundays?

    When filling out your league registration you will have the ability to request days off when you know your team will not be able to play (i.e.- away at a tournament, school field trip, etc.). But please understand that other teams requests may be the exact opposite of yours so you may need to be prepared to play on a day that is not preferred.

  • How much is league admission?

    Admission is $4 for each day. Seniors are $3 and children under 10 are FREE.

  • How many teams make playoffs?

    The number of teams that will qualify for playoffs based on how many teams are in the division.
    1-5 teams in division – top 2 teams advance
    6-8 teams in division – top 4 teams advance
    9-12 teams in division – top 6 teams advance, if 2 pools (top 3 from each pool)
    13+ teams in division – top 8 teams advance, if 2 pools (top 4 from each pool advance), top 12 teams advance if 3 pools (top 4 teams from each pool advance).

  • If a coach or player gets ejected from a game are they allowed to coach/play the next game?

    No. If a coach/player receives two technical fouls or is ejected from a game they need to sit out one complete game. If a coach gets one technical foul they need to sit down the remainder of the game.

  • How many fouls can a player receive?

    A player fouls out with 5 fouls. They are NOT allowed to stay in the game or re-enter under any circumstances. A team may play with as few as 3 players without forfeiting the game.


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San Diego Sol
Facebook IconFebruary 2, 2016 at 3:13 pm

A Sol reunion when Mt Carmel played Westview -

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Westview still rules Palomar League

Westview outscored Mt. Carmel by a 16-3 margin down the stretch to wipe out that 10-point deficit and claim a 39-36 victory to keep the Wolverines (19-3, 4-0) alone in first place with their fifth win in the last six outings.

San Diego Sol
Facebook IconFebruary 2, 2016 at 9:53 am

On Friday night Lo Lo lead the RB girls varsity basketball team to a win over Poway with a three pointer at the end of overtime.

Now Lo Lo is up for KUSI Play of the Week.

Please click the link to see the video and to vote Lo Lo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Go Lo Lo!

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ASR Plays of the Week: 2/1/16

Candidates: Christian Janke, Sage Creek, Lauren Reynolds, Rancho Bernardo, Hope Mayer, Clairemont, Felton Richardson, Lutheran

San Diego Sol
Facebook IconFebruary 1, 2016 at 5:15 pm

Megan Scott coming up big for West Hills -

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West Hills’ brainy lefty takes over

SANTEE — Four minutes, 46 seconds into West Hills High’s girls basketball game against Helix on Friday night, the Wolf Pack were in devour mode, leading 15-3.

San Diego Sol
Facebook IconJanuary 24, 2016 at 10:05 am

Freshman, Nika Haleftiras, from Our Lady of Peace, is making her presence known starting all 16 games of the season and scoring a season high 13 points in their game versus La Verne.

Facebook Picture
Haleftiras Shines in Huge Fourth Quarter at La Verne

LA VERNE, Calif. – Freshman Nika Haleftiras (San Diego, Calif. / Our Lady of Peace) tied her career high of 13 points and filled out her line with six rebounds and three assists as the Caltech women’s basketball team fell at the University of La Verne, 64-47, on Saturday afternoon.

San Diego Sol
January 21, 2016 at 7:31 am

Junior at Our Lady of Peace, Miranda Hernandez, leads her team in scoring and also leads a well rounded life -

San Diego Sol
Facebook IconJanuary 20, 2016 at 10:40 am

Check out some of our alumni doing work in the college scene! Peri Curtis, a three-time all-league girls basketball player and two-time league player of the year at Coronado High, Curtis holds Islanders school records for career points and rebounds. Miriam Zabinsky is a starting forward at Azusa Pacific, averaging 10.4 points and 3.5 rebounds. Go Sol!

Facebook Picture
Navy a perfect fit for Coronado grad

Attending Annapolis a family tradition for Peri Curtis

San Diego Sol
Facebook IconJanuary 19, 2016 at 9:14 am

A nice article on Sierra Camisano fom Torrey Pines High School.

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Torrey Pines senior plays with added incentive

Torrey Pines senior Sierra Campisano scored 41 points in the Falcons' win over Bonita Vista on Monday. Campisano's season high is 46.

San Diego Sol
Facebook IconJanuary 18, 2016 at 12:12 pm

Congrats to Seniors Casey McWilliam and Alyssa Quidachay from Mt. Carmel for their impressive victory over Santa Fe Christian on Saturday afternoon. McWilliam tied her career high for points in a game with 32 points. 15 of those points came from sinking five of six 3-pointers in the first half. Alyssa Quidachay nailed a pair of 3-pointers in the final push of the game and finished with 13 points and seven rebounds.

Facebook Picture
Mt. Carmel guard draws special ‘D’

A year ago, McWilliam and Ali Engelhardt were the most potent tandem in the San Diego Section. With Engelhardt now in college, leadership of the Sundevils offense falls to McWilliam.

San Diego Sol
Facebook IconJanuary 15, 2016 at 11:54 am

San Diego Sol added 3 new photos.

Congrats to our Sol Shot Club finalists for all their extra work practicing this past season. It paid off. In the 3rd/4th grade division Chloe took home the hardware and made a 15/20 left handed layups and a perfect 20/20 right handed layups. In the 5th/6th grade division Jenna Gorton went 23/25 on left handed layups and a perfect 25/25 right handed layups.Jasmine Criqui finished strong with 24/25 left handed layups and 21/25 right handed layups. In the 7th/8th grade division Sophie Stevens and Kara Minear both went 24/25 right handed layups but Sophie Stevens pulled away making 20/25 free throws! We are Sol Proud of you all!

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Photos from San Diego Sol's post
San Diego Sol
Facebook IconJanuary 11, 2016 at 11:51 am

Carol Schroeder, Point Loma Nazarene University bound, and Shyla Latone repeat as MVP and all tournament team respectively in the Optimist Holiday Classic. Great article about these two -

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Timeline Photos