Answers to common questions.

What differentiates San Diego Sol from other clubs? Several factors put us head and shoulders above our competition including our expert coaching, consistent and organized practices and the fact that we are the only club in San Diego to have our own practice facility where our players can get extra practice.

Unlike most clubs, we take all levels of players and give everyone the same care and training. Whether you are a beginning player or in high school aspiring to play in college – you will receive the same attention and expertise from our coaching staff. Additionally all of our coaches have coached in either high school and/or college.

We offer a comprehensive program placing players of similar abilities on age-group based teams. For some players, our club is an introduction to competitive basketball. Some of our teams are highly competitive travel teams. A player can begin with our club and improve his or her skills to any level – from elementary and recreational levels all the way through college and on to the professional ranks. Also, as a member of Sol, you will receive discounts to participate in all our camps and clinics.

We also offer a College Placement Program for those players wanting to play in college. We have been very successful on this front. Please refer to this page for more information on our –  College Placement Program

We have 4 levels of teams in our high school program. Each level is determined by the skill level and time commitment of the player. Please refer to this page for a more detailed explanation of each team –

Alliant International University
10455 Pomerado Road, San Diego CA 92131

All teams practice at least 2 times a week for 1.5 hours each practice. The fire and elite teams will sometimes practice 3 times a week to prepare for an upcoming tournament.

Teams practice on Tuesday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday either at 4:30-6:00pm, 6:00-7:30pm, 7:30-9pm.

For the spring, fall and winter seasons the games are played on Saturday and Sunday. For the summer season, games could be played on the weekday as well as the weekends.

We find a place on a team for each player or we recommend that they attend our skills and conditioning. This is based upon skill level and experience.

We charge a $50 tryout fee to make sure that all in attendance are serious about being placed on a Sol team. This fee is applied to the normal dues so it is not necessarily an extra charge but an upfront charge to ensure participation.

Teams range from $410 up to $3,000 for our top travel teams. Please note that our travel teams are for two seasons (spring/summer) versus our local teams which are for one season (spring, summer, fall and winter). There is a one time registration fee of $195 for all new players and includes a uniform.

As a courtesy we offer installment payments to be made throughout the season.

For more details on our various teams please visit this page –

No we do not accept credit cards, just cash or check.

You can have them attend our high school skills and conditioning class which takes place right before the high school season to help prepare them for their school teams – Also, all of our coaches give private lessons or they can ask their coach for some take home drills to practice on their own.

Our College Placement Program is designed specifically to help those players who want to play in college. We help you identify which schools will be the best fit for you academically and athletically so you find the perfect school. Our coaches will help guide you through this daunting process and provide their expertise. Here is more information on our College Placement Program