Program Overview

Our Pee Wee program teaches basketball skills and fundamentals for kids just starting to learn the game of basketball. Players will receive a San Diego Sol basketball and excellent instruction. For more information please contact Lance Allison at 858.740.1026 or

Joining one of our clinics is a great way for a player to improve their basketball skills, develop fundamentals and prepare for playing on a team.

  • Grades K – 2nd
  • Thursdays 4:00-5:00pm
  • April 7-May 26
  • Fee: $195

Playing on a team in our Pee Wee League is a great introduction to the game of basketball. The baskets are lowered to help the players make their shots. The score is not kept and teamwork is emphasized.

  • Grades K – 2nd
  • League Evaluations – Tuesday, June 14 at 5pm
  • Practice on Tuesdays; Game on Thursdays
  • June 14-August 18
  • Fee $250 per player

Please call me at 858.740.1026 for additional info.

Our Fundamental Basketball Camps are designed to develop and improve youth basketball skills. The focus of the camps include not only a lot of basketball games, but the breakdown of basic offense, defense and team skills needed to develop a solid basketball game!