June 27 – August 16, 2020
3rd Grade – High School Divisions

Sol Summer LeagueSan Diego Sol runs the largest and most organized youth leagues in San Diego. We offer A, B and C divisions to accommodate all levels of teams. We also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your team’s needs. Our friendly and courteous staff will make certain that you have a wonderful experience in this league.

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Pay for League
  • Separate Boys & Girls Divisions
  • 8 Games (no playoffs)
  • Age/Grade Certification System
  • Games are Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Games are played at Alliant or PxP
  • $465 Per Team
  • Registration Deadline: June 23
The document below covers all the In Game Rules and Regulations, Tie Breaker Determinations, Player Eligibility/Protests and Game Forfeiture Policy. Please read all the rules thoroughly to make sure your team is in compliance. It is the responsibility of the coach to know and follow all the rules.

The roster form needs to be submitted before your first game…

There are no playoffs during summer league.
Alliant International University
10455 Pomerado Road, San Diego, CA 92131

Play by Play Productions @ Edenpark
1601 San Elijo Road S San Marcos, CA 92078

(Located approximately one mile south of the Albertsons off of Baker Street or one mile east of Rancho Santa Fe Road)

We have boys 3rd – high school divisions and girls 4th – high school divisions.

Usually, we offer an A- advanced, B- intermediate and C-beginner level, depending on how many teams enter the league.

We do allow schedule requests. For example, if a coach coaches more than one team or if teams share multiple players. We do not guarantee all requests. Make sure your coaches understand they are “requests’ and not guarantees.

When filling out your league registration you will have the ability to request days off when you know your team will not be able to play (i.e.- away at a tournament, school field trip, etc.). But please understand that other teams requests may be the exact opposite of yours so you may need to be prepared to play on a day that is not preferred.

When a team reaches 10 fouls then you are in double bonus, meaning you get 2 shots. We do not do “1 and 1” at seven fouls in the league.

Each team will be allowed 4 timeouts per game. One additional timeout will be allowed for each overtime period. Regulation timeouts do not carry over into overtime.

Yes. The clock stops on ALL free throws and the last two minutes of the game. When a team leads by 20 points or more anytime during the game, a running clock will be used.

Yes, if your player meets the age requirement which is outlined rules section – League Rules. Players can always play up.

Yes, BUT your player must meet the age/grade requirements and your player cannot play on more than one team in the same grade division.

For example, your player can play on a team in the 6th A division and 7th A division (assuming that player meets the age requirements). Your player cannot play in the 6th A division and 6th B division as that is the same grade.

We use the rosters to verify that every player is eligible and is not playing on multiple teams. Rosters must be finalized and cannot be added to after your second game of the season. This ensures people aren’t bringing in players late, who have not been participating throughout the season, especially during playoffs.

The names and numbers are important as we pre-print every scoresheet and they have every players’ name and number on it.

General $6, Seniors (55+) $5, Children 10 and under are free

There are no playoffs during summer league.

No. If a coach/player receives two technical fouls or is ejected from a game they need to sit out one complete game. If a coach gets one technical foul they need to sit down the remainder of the game.

A player fouls out with 5 fouls. They are NOT allowed to stay in the game or re-enter under any circumstances. A team may play with as few as 3 players without forfeiting the game.