Lauren Reynolds, the youngest of four sisters, was perfectly content being a ball-passing point guard on the Rancho Bernardo High girls basketball team.

Make a pass, collect the assist and head back on defense.

That was always her role since she became interested in playing while watching older sister Courtney play.

Reynolds was the starting point guard on the Broncos’ San Diego Section Division II championship team last season as a sophomore.

This season, however, Reynolds was asked to change. She’s still the point guard, but her responsibilities were altered. Instead of being mainly a passer, she became a scorer too.

“Coach said I’d have to score more and I’d never been that player,’’ said the 5-foot-7 girl her teammates call “Lolo.” “To me, assists were more valuable than points because it got everyone involved. I was always the floor general. I liked that role.’’

Reynolds undertook that project over the summer and even into the fall league to change her game.

Taking the perimeter shot or driving to the basket became her new mantra as Coach Kyle Williamson kept reminding her the whole way.

“I didn’t learn to be this new person overnight,’’ Reynolds said. “I had to slowly grow into that role. I was so used to making the coolest passes and now a lot more got heaped on my shoulders.

“It may seem like I’m fine. I’m still adjusting to this new role because I was a little over my skis at first.’’

Last season, Reynolds helped push the Broncos, who won the Division IV title back in 2015 with sister Lane Reynolds playing for them, to a 27-7 season.

Like this year when the team posted a 5-0 start, Rancho Bernardo came out of the blocks flying, winning their first eight games.

It all culminated in a second CIF title.

“Winning CIF like my sister did was awesome,’’ Reynolds said. “It was the best feeling ever. It’s going to be one of my favorite memories from high school.

“I never understood why winning a CIF title was such a big deal to my sister. Now I know. Neither of us would ever replace that memory.’’

The new-look Reynolds have transformed herself from a point guard who averaged 6.0 points and 4.0 assists last season into a scoring machine.

This year she’s the team’s leading scorer with a 16.5 average.

“There were times she’s made passes last year that I couldn’t believe she made,’’ Williamson said. “Now she’s taking more 3’s and she’s attacking the basket.

“I knew she could score. It was just a matter of convincing her she could score and remain true to being a point guard.

“As soon as this season started it seemed like she’d been this all-around player for a long time. We had two girls we needed more points from and she is one of them.’’

Despite the fast start this season with a nearly completely new team, the Broncos hit a tough stretch.

The flu went through the nine-player team. Eight of them got sick, forcing Williamson to reschedule three games.

Reynolds was the only player who remained healthy the whole time.

“I still don’t know how I missed out on that,’’ Reynolds said, laughing. “I thought we’re coming off winning CIF, we have a completely new team, I have to become a different person and everyone gets sick.

“What else can go wrong?’’

Reynolds never thought this season would start off with a winning streak like it has.

“I really didn’t have a good feeling before the season started,’’ she said. “Last year, that group of seniors were like my sisters, so I was nervous this year.

“I thought with such a new team defenses would really work me over.’’

Instead, the new-look Reynolds is the one doing the working over.